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BMW 7-er ..::..SonyEricsson Themes..::..

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BMW ACS 6 Tension ..::..SonyEricsson Themes..::..

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THQ Wireless Americas Cup Racer v1.0.5 S60v2.J2ME Retail BiNPDA

Premium Game: Do you have what it takes to win the America’s Cup Trophy?

Do you have what it takes to win the America’s Cup Trophy? Raise to the challenge! Take the helm of an official IACC boat and try to beat your opponents in ruthless match racing action! This title provides a perfect mix of arcade action and strategy, since the boat behavior depends on changing weather conditions, and the player must take in account priority rules to squeeze his opponents.

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Tips and Tricks
1# Music Only Mode ( Enable Camera Function)
In Music Only Mode, Your phone Play longer Music but cannot make calls
For R1L, Locked the phone in Walkman Mode --> then you can
be able to take pictures.

2# Changing Tracks while the Phone is Locked
Press and hold vol - or vol +

3# Enable/Disable Start up Menu,AutoLock
Settings-->General-->Start-Up Menu/AutoLock

4# Enable Walkman while Phone is Locked
Press Twice on the Play Button

5# Walkman Manipulation Via KeyPad
Use 1 or 3 to go back or forward a track. 2 to pause/play, and 4 or 6 can be used to ffwd or rewind.

6# View video clips in FullScreen
Open walkman, Select videos

7# Zoom to picture in File Manager
View in Horizontal-->Press the Vol up and down Key

8# Camera Shortcuts
Vol up and down : zoom
Keypad 1 : picture size
Keypad 2 : macro on/off
Keypad 3: night mode on/off
Keypad 4: flash on/off
Press < or > to adjust the exposure.
* Always remember to slide back the camera cover when finish photo session

9# Backup Contacts Easily
Phone Book->Options-->Advanced-->Send All Contacts-->BT/irDa --> send to your PC/other Phone

10# Access Phonebook while making calls

11# Off Camera Shutter Sound
Hold # to On Silent Mode (might not apply to AP set. Some AP firmware does not allow mute Camera Sound due to region Setting)

12# Rename Pictures Taken
Go to Camera Folder -->Select the Picture-->More-->Manage Files-->Move to Folder-->Put at the Pictures Section
Now back to Pictures Folder -->Select the Picture--> More--> Manage Files--> You can Rename The Picture Now

13# Caller Picture
Select Picture from File Manager--->More-->Use as Contact Picture
Alternatively go to Phone book-->Select Contact-->More--> Third tabs--> Pictures

14# Timer and StopWatch
Organizer--> StopWatch is use to count time runs until u press stop
Organizer--> Timer, Set a duration when the Timer reaches 0 , your phone will rings. Kinda useful for Evening naps

15# Text Messaging Shortcuts
Hold * key to On/Off T9 Dictionary
Hold # Key to select input language
Press * to switch to big Caps/small Caps
More--> to Select Symbols
Hold Number key will prompt the Numeric out (instead of press repetively to select 1)

16# Songs in Playlist Sorting
Select Playlist -->Open --> More--> You can sort the songs in the play list
you cannot sort Playlist itself.

17# Memory Status
File Manager -> press More -> Memory Status

18# Record Video more than 10 seconds
In Video Recording mode press settings-->Shoot Mode to High Quality. or Press 0 when in video mode

19# Video Playback
To Capture Frame : During Video Playback press pause. Then Select More-->Capture Frame
To Slow Down Movie : Slide the JoyStick down

20# Radio
Pressing # to manual Enter Frequency
In Minimized Mode. Press and Hold vol - for next available station and vol + for previous available station

21# Read Text Files with W800i
Transfer the txt/htm to the Web Pages\Save Pages folder. Later on access via File Manager.

22# Show Note in Stand By
Organizer --> create a new Note -->select the Note --> More-- Set at StandBy

23# Set Mp3 Message Alert Tone
File Manager--> select audio files --> More--> Use--> Set as Message Alert Tone
But it only for 10seconds duration.

24# Install applications/games from W800i
Transfer to W800i Via irDa/BT will automatically prompts the Install options
Alternatively, transfer to the memory stick at the others folder, later on open the .jar at the other folder
it will prompt to install.

25# Open Note when making calls
During calls, Press More--> Menu-->Organizer--> Note

26# Manual Equalizer
In Media Player Menu--> More-->Equalizer-->Manual
Set to your preferences

27# Secret Menus / Codes
Service menu = >*<<*<*
Lock status = <**<
IMEI number = *#06#
Access contacts on sim card = Any nubmer then # (e.g. 9# to go to 9th entry on sim card.)
Phone status = Either volume button

28# Light up clock in standby mode
Press the volume button

29# Mute a phone call without rejecting it
Press the volume button

#30 Hidden Smileys

#31 Don't Drain The Battery
With Lithium batteries there is no advantage to draining the battery. The battery will infact last longer with partial rather than full discharges. There is no battery memory effect with a lithium battery - you can charge the battery whenever you like without fear of reducing its charge capacity, and you do not need to drain a lithium battery completely before recharging it.

Find out more about Lithium batteries here:

#32 Receiving call
+ or - or # --> mute ringtone
Hold + or - ---> reject call
Hold C to mute/unmute

#33 Highlight Text
Hold + Or - in input text screens --> Highlight text

#34 Create Contact Pictures
Creating contact pictures --> Zoom in on the face and save as large. Did not try saving as small or other size, so dont know how it will appear.

#35 Open Large Size Text File
Rename the .txt to .html. Transfer to your phone and then go to saved pages folder to open it.

#36 Quit application
Press and Hold Return Key

#37 Use Code Memo
1. press code memo
2. new password (******)
3. repeat password
4. checkword - subject
5. exit the program
6. go back program and type password

#38 Remove Sony Ericsson File Manager Icon at Desktop
To make it dissapear (copy the whole command below):
regsvr32 /u /s "C:\Program Files\Sony Ericsson\Mobile\File Manager\fmgrgui.dll"

To make it come back like b4 (copy the whole command below):
regsvr32 /s "C:\Program Files\Sony Ericsson\Mobile\File Manager\fmgrgui.dll"

#39 Record a call Conversation
When receiving call, press the joystick middle then press record

#40 Block a group
Create a new group of contacts, from Contacts | Options | Groups (you could name the group Blacklist or something else). Assign any people / phone numbers to that group.
Set a profile which has the Accepted callers set to that new group.
Now you don't have to bother any unacceptable callers.

#41 Speed Dial
To add speed dial, just go to "Contacts" "options" "speed dial"..
Call using speed dial, press "number",then "Call".
Hold a number to ativiate speed dial not exists in this phone.

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Renaming Java Titles

The following steps will guide you on how to rename a Java Application / Game so that your desired name will appear on the phone.

Note: You must acquire the following software.

0 - Archiving software - e.g. WinRAR, WinZip.

1 - Open the .jar file using one of the above software. I suggest on using WinRAR because it retains the file structure of the archive.

2 - Navigate to the file system and double click on the META-INF directory.

3 - Extract the MANIFEST.MF into your hard disk and the open it using any text editor that you may have. e.g. Notepad, or Wordpad.

4 - You will see something like MIDlet-Name: XXXXXX where XXXXXX corresponds as the name of the midlet. Edit it to your liking then add it back to the archive above replacing the previous MANIFEST.MF file.

5 - Enjoy

p/s : You can also edit the icon size of the midlet for it to be uniform with the other icons.

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